TrueOne 2400Research Grade Accuracy
Verified in independent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology (July 2001).

Open System Design – External mixing chamber and pneumotach, numerical and graphical signal display during VO2 testing help the user visualize the metabolic testing process.

Intuitive Windows Software – Software design refined to allow intuitive metabolic testing.

Low Operating Cost – Accessories minimize the operating cost.

TrueOne 2400High Accuracy at High Workload
TrueOne® 2400 has been proven in testing elite athletes at high workload at The Orthopedics Hospital (for US Winter Olympic athletes) and University of Calgary (for Canadian Olympic athletes).

Robustness at High Ventilation Rate
Two-way non re-breathing valve and mixing chamber design keep the sensors away from the high humidity of max ventilation and ensure proper system performance.

TrueOne 2400Flow Measurement Adjusted at High Altitude
TrueOne® 2400 system’s precision flowmeter calibration adjusted the flow measurement for thin air at high altitudes to improve system accuracy.
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