25 Years Expertise in Metabolic Measurement


  • Precision “Yeh” algorithm for flow calibration.
  • Validated by highly respected lab and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology (“Validity of inspiratory and expiratory methods of measuring gas exchange…” JAP 91:218-224, 2001.)

3 years warranty standard with every system

Easy to Use

  • True Windows 7™ Professional program
  • Gas auto-cal takes only 40 seconds

Exceptional Customer Support
Rapid service response with “Express Turnaround.”

The Choice of Exercise Physiologists and Nutritionists

  • NASA, NIH, USARIEM, Cooper Institute, Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Washington, Florida, Tennessee, and Penn State Universities.
  • Used to test U.S. Olympic athletes, U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Speed Skater Team athletes (TOSH) and Canadian Olympic athletes (U of Calgary).

TrueOne 2400

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